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UN Passes 6 More Anti-Israel Resolutions, Including 2 Denying Jewish Ties to Jerusalem

The United Nations General Assembly in New York on Friday approved six anti-Israel resolutions, including two that reject Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem, The Times of Israel reported.

One resolution on Jerusalem, which passed 148 to 11 with 14 abstentions, refers to the Temple Mount only by its Arab name of Haram al-Sharif and disavows Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem. Other resolutions addressed the “the Syrian Golan,” “Division for Palestinian Rights of the Secretariat,” and “Peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine.” They passed by equally wide margins.

Apart from the United States and Israel, all six resolutions were opposed by Canada, Australia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Nauru. The remaining “no” votes came from Guatemala (3 resolutions) and Britain, Honduras, Hungary, Moldova and Palau (1 resolution each), as well as from Kiribati (opposed 4 of the 6 resolutions) and Solomon Islands (2 resolutions).

The UN General Assembly by the end of the year is expected to have adopted a total of 20 resolutions singling out the Jewish State for condemnation.

“The international community must stop participating in such a blatant denial of history. You must not permit these blatant attempts to delegitimize Israel,” said Israeli Deputy Permanent Representative Noa Furman.

Her concerns were shared by U.S. representative Leslie Ordeman, who said, “We are disappointed that despite messages of support for reform, member states continue to single out Israel with these resolutions.”

The U.S. envoy added that, “Again, we see resolutions that are quick to condemn all manner of Israeli actions but say almost nothing about Palestinian terrorist attacks against innocent civilians. This is particularly acute now, when the rocket attacks on November 12 saw more projectiles fired on a single day than on any day since 2014.”

David Friedman, the U.S. ambassador to Israel, took to Twitter to condemn anti-Israel bias at the UN. “More than 2000 years ago, Jewish patriots (Maccabees) captured Jerusalem, purified the Holy Temple and rededicated it as a house of Jewish worship,” Friedman said. “The UN can’t vote away the facts: Jerusalem is the ancient and modern capital of Israel.”

The Algemeiner reported on Sunday that Israel reopened the archaeological site of the ancient palaces of the Maccabees to tourists in honor of Hanukkah.

[Photo: UN Web TV ]