Jewish Group Sues Airbnb over West Bank Boycott Citing Religious Discrimination

A group of American Jews has filed a lawsuit against Airbnb, the online vacation marketplace, for its recent decision to stop listing Jewish properties in the West Bank, Reuters reported Wednesday.

The plaintiffs include Israeli-Americans who own or rent property affected by Airbnb’s new policy filed the suit in federal court in Delaware, where Airbnb is incorporated, asserting that Airbnb was “redlining” Jewish properties while allowing Muslims and Christian to rent there.

The suit, the Jewish News Syndicate explained, accuses the rental company of violating “the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, a federal statute that safeguards against discrimination in housing sales and the rental market, in accordance with the Fair Housing Act, Title VIII of the 1968 Civil Rights Act.”

“Airbnb has made a religion- and nationality-based decision about who can list,” Robert Tolchin, an American attorney representing the plaintiffs told Reuters. “It decided in the United States, ‘We will not list for Jews in the West Bank.’ It should be equal access for all.”

[Photo: Airbnb / YouTube ]