U.S. State Department Targets Nasrallah’s Son, Hamas Commander for Terrorism

In separate actions the United States State Department targeted the son of Hezbollah leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, and a notorious Hamas commander, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Jawad Nasrallah, son of the Hezbollah leader, was designated by the State Department as a terrorist for attacks planned by him in the West Bank.

In January 2016, Israeli authorities announced that they had broken up a terrorist cell in the West Bank that had been organized by the younger Nasrallah.

The State Department also announced that it was designating Al-Mujahidin Brigades (AMB), which it accused of having ties to Hezbollah, as a terrorist organization. The sanctions mean that they are prevented from accessing assets that are under U.S. jurisdiction and that “U.S. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in any transactions with them.”

The State Department said that the goal of these actions was to “expose and isolate them, and deny them access to the U.S. financial system. Moreover, designations can assist the law enforcement actions of other U.S. agencies and governments.”

Also targeted by the State Department was Hamas commander Salah al-Arouri, offering $5 million for information to his “identification or location” as part of the department’s Rewards for Justice program. Others targeted by this program were Hezbollah leaders, Khalil Yusif Mahmoud Harb, and Haytham Ali Tabatabai.

Last year, Al-Arouri, who admitted to orchestrating the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens, including U.S. citizen Naftali Fraenkel in 2014, was elected to be the deputy head of Hamas.

According to the State Department, al-Arouri is currently “living freely” in Lebanon, and collaborates with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force.

Harb was described as a close adviser to Hassan Nasrallah, and Hezbollah’s military liaison to Palestinian terrorist organizations.

Tabatabai leads Hezbollah’s special forces in both Syria and Yemen.

Reuters also reported that Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri accused Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran, of preventing the formation of a government.

[Photo: PressTV / YouTube ]