Worldwide Dance for Kindness to Kick Off Next Week In Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the global flagship location for the seventh annual worldwide Dance for Kindness sponsored by Life Vest Inside to kick off World Kindness Day on November 13.

The November 11 event will feature a global freeze mob/flash mob at 8pm local time at The First Station (registration is at 4, rehearsal at 5, and a community art project at 7). Groups from dozens of countries will join together to perform the same dance to the same song on the same day.

The song, “Unity,” was written by the Solomon Brothers. They will perform afterward along with Israeli pop star Ishay Ribo and a local dance company and DJ.

Last year’s Dance for Kindness took place in 120 cities in 50 countries, with more than 20,000 participants.

“The Middle East is known to the world as a place of conflict, hatred, fear, mistrust, animosity and war. Through Dance for Kindness we can show that even in a place of high tension, kindness prevails,” says Orly Wahba, founder and CEO of Life Vest Inside.

“A flash mob uniting cities and countries around the globe under the banner of kindness shows that regardless of our differences in race, religion, ethnicity, culture and background, kindness is the common thread that unites us all.”

Life Vest Inside will donate 10 percent of each participating city’s overall fundraising to a local nonprofit chosen by that city’s designated group leader.

Related events that day will include a public flash mob at Tel Aviv’s Idit Wolfson Park, 8:30 to 10:30am, sponsored by a school that has done art projects on kindness leading up to the event. A school in Rosh HaAyin will participate as well.

“My personal agenda in bringing more on-the-ground kindness events to Israel, specifically Jerusalem, is to help paint a very different picture of the city than many outside the country see,” says Wahba, who recently moved from New York to Israel.

Cosponsors include Yaniv Cohen Productions, Tachana Rishona (First Station), Made in Jerusalem, Hebrew University and Jewish International Connection of New York.

(via Israel21c)
[Photo: Israel21c ]