Israel To Open High-Tech Incubator in India

Israel is set to open a new high-tech incubator in the Indian city of Bengaluru (Bangalore) in December, the Deccan Herald reported last week.

The center is to be located in the business district of the city, which is already home to numerous multinational research and development centers and startup hubs, and it will be operated by MESH (Modiin Entrepreneurs’ Startup Hub).

The incubator, the India-Israeli Innovation Centre (IIIC), would be the fourth such facility set up by Israel. Previously it has established similar centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China.

According to Moshe Porat, the founder and CEO of MESH, the center will have access to both Israeli investors and cutting-edge talent.

“We have many startup companies in India, especially in Bengaluru, involved in deep technology and they are looking at leveraging by aligning with global startups and incubation centres. We expect by starting MESH in Bengaluru, we can bring synergy in this endeavour,” Porat told the Herald.

Among the academic institutions to be involved in the center will be the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University, and Ben Gurion University. Indian Institutes of Information Technology and Indian Institutes of Technology will also collaborate at the center.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, when the latter visited India in January, “We will strengthen our cooperation in areas that affect the lives of our people — agriculture, science and technology and defense.”

At the time, the two leaders had signed nine bilateral agreements, including improving ties in both academia and startups, and cooperation deals in the fields of cyber-defense, security and science.

[Photo: Moshe Porat / YouTube ]