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IDF: Three Terrorists, Who Charged at Troops inside Israel During Violent Riots, Were Killed

Three terrorists from Gaza were killed when they charged at Israeli troops, after destroying part of the border fence under the cover of violent riots, and crossed into Israel, The Times of Israel reported Friday.

A group of 20 Gazans placed a bomb by the border fence and then charged at IDF soldiers through the resulting breach. The soldiers opened fire and most of the group retreated into Gaza. Three continued charging the IDF positions and were killed. According to an Israeli news report, their bodies were carried back into Gaza by rioters.

Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry claimed that a total of six people were killed during the violence.

According to the army, there were 14,000 rioters, who threw grenades, bombs, firebombs, and rocks at the troops. There were also reports of soldiers being shot at with arrows.

Smoke from burning tires near the Kerem Shalom crossing at the northern end of the Gaza Strip prompted Israel to warn residents of a nearby kibbutz to remain indoors. According to Ynet, firefighters set up large fans to disperse the smoke later in the day.

Incendiary balloons and other devices reportedly caused ten fires inside of Israel.

The Times reported that the Hamas-led violent riots have increased recently. Hamas, the terrorist group that exercises complete military and political control over Gaza, has increased the frequency of the riots to “near nightly” occurrences since it ended indirect talks with Israel over a possible ceasefire.

Subsequent to the breach of the fence, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman ended all fuel transfers to Gaza, The Jerusalem Post reported.

“Israel will not tolerate a situation in which fuel tankers are allowed to enter Gaza on the one hand, while terror and violence are used against IDF soldiers and Israeli citizens on the other,” the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

“In addition, Hamas continues to welcome any terrorist attack and encourages the Palestinians, residents of the West Bank, to carry out attacks against Israeli citizens. In light of all this, Defense Minister Lieberman decided to stop the flow of fuel to Gaza immediately.”

[Photo: Israel Defense Forces / Flickr ]