Israel Destroys 15th Hamas Terror Tunnel over Past Year

The IDF announced that it destroyed the fifteenth Hamas-built terror tunnel over the past year, The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday.

The tunnel, which extended 200 meters (200 yards) into Israel, was located by using advanced tunnel detection techniques. According to IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis, the just-destroyed tunnel had “different construction methods to what we’ve seen,” but he did not elaborate on what material was used in the construction of the tunnel.

The IDF believes that Hamas employed a different method of construction in building the detected tunnel to avoid Israel’s advanced tunnel detection technology.

The tunnel was assessed to have been in an advanced state of construction, and was reported to have been outfitted with electricity and a phone system.

According to the Post, the tunnel was meant to be used for attacks inside Israel and had been under surveillance before it was destroyed. The operation to destroy the tunnel was carried out jointly by the Southern Command, the Intelligence Branch and the Defense Ministry, inside Israeli territory.

“Hamas continues to invest considerable resources in building infrastructures aimed at harming Israeli citizens,” the IDF said in a released statement. “This economic investment, which comes at the expense of the welfare of the residents of the Gaza Strip, proves the exploitation of the population for terrorist purposes.”

Earlier on Thursday, a rocket alert was sounded in Israel’s south, and an Iron Dome battery was fired. However, both the warning and the launch were attributed to a “false identification.”

Last month, the World Bank warned that the economy of the Gaza Strip, which is controlled politically and militarily by Hamas, is in “free fall.” Following the announced destruction of the tunnel, the IDF issued a statement, “We estimate $3 million worth of cement, electrical equipment, and hours of labor were invested in this tunnel instead of investing in healthcare, education, or food for the people of Gaza.”

[Photo: Fox News / YouTube ]