Israel Cuts Funds to PA Over Fuld Murder; Survivor Says Terrorist “Wanted an American”

Israel will deduct funds sent to the family of Palestinian terrorist Khalil Jabarin, who murdered dual American-Israeli citizen Ari Fuld on Sunday, from aid earmarked for transfer to the Palestinian Authority, The Algemeiner reported Friday. A survivor of the Sunday attack said that the terrorist appeared to be targeting Americans.

Fuld, a prominent advocate of Israel and father of four, was stabbed to death on Sunday outside a supermarket in the West Bank city of Efrat, south of Jerusalem.

Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon announced the decision to withhold funds on Friday, saying he was looking for “additional ways to limit the economic activities of the terrorist’s family.”

Earlier this week, PA Prisoner Affairs’ Commission spokesman Hassan Abd Rabbo confirmed that the Jabarin family was “eligible to receive a monthly salary of $390” under the PA’s Pay-to-Slay scheme. In its 2018 budget, the PA devoted $355 million to pay terrorists and their families.

In July 2018, the Israeli Knesset passed a new law, which slashed funds to the PA by the amount Ramallah pays out to convicted terrorists and the families of Palestinians killed while carrying out attacks. The bill was inspired by the Taylor Force Act, passed by the U.S. Congress in early 2018, which also cut American funding to the PA over the Pay-To-Slay policy.

Meanwhile, the woman saved by Ari Fuld in the attack on Sunday, before he collapsed from his fatal wounds, charged that the Palestinian terrorist deliberately sought out someone “who spoke English,” before launching his stabbing spree.

The Times of Israel reported that Hila Peretz, a woman who worked in a local falafel store, confirmed that the terrorist “must have wanted an American.”

“After he came inside and ordered his falafel, he asked me two separate times if I spoke English,” recalled Peretz. “I told him ‘no,’ and asked him what it was that he wanted.”

Perez continued: “The terrorist was right behind me…I started running down the stairs, but he jumped to try to get in front of me. The man that was killed really saved my life.”

[Photo: Wochit News / YouTube ]