As Hamas Continues Attacks with Fire Kites, Gazan Dies Trying to Breach Israeli Border Fence

A Gazan was killed as he attempted to breach the border fence with Israel, as Gazans continue to send fire kites and other incendiary devices across the border, The Times of Israel reported Monday.

A group of five Gazans attempted to penetrate the border with Israel. At the time of the attempted infiltration, the IDF spokesperson said, “About an hour ago, five terrorists attempted to damage a security infrastructure in the northern Gaza Strip. The security infrastructure exploded. Subsequently, several terrorists were injured.”

One of the terrorists, 24-year-old Sabri Abu Khader, was later reported killed by the Palestinian Health Ministry, though it didn’t specify a cause of death. The IDF denied Palestinian reports that the infiltrators had been shot.

The IDF did not specify which part of Israel’s security infrastructure was damaged by the attempted infiltrators.

The attempted infiltration occurred in the wake of overnight Israel airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza.

The airstrikes followed continued attacks by incendiary devices from Hamas-controlled Gaza Sunday. In response to the airstrikes, three rockets were fired from Gaza. One landed in Gaza; the two others reportedly landed in empty fields causing no damage.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman warned the terrorist groups based in Gaza that Israel would not tolerate the continuing launches of incendiary devices from Gaza. The Times described the airstrikes as an escalation against the cells that launched the fire-kites and balloons. Previously, the IDF had targeted the cells with warning shots, but that tactic appears not to have been successful.

According to The Times, in the two months Gazans have been launching the fire kites and other incendiary devices towards Israel, the devices “have caused hundreds of brush fires and burned thousands of acres of land.”

[Photo: Haaretz / YouTube]