Israel Destroys Underwater Hamas Attack Tunnel

The IDF destroyed an underwater Hamas attack tunnel earlier this month, The Times of Israel reported Sunday.

Israel struck at numerous Hamas targets on June 3 associated with Hamas’s elite naval forces. At the time the IDF said that it had struck “a military compound belonging to the naval force of the terror group Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip.”

The tunnel apparently was built to allow Hamas to carry out attacks by sea into Israeli territory. The tunnel itself did not extend into Israeli territory, but into the Mediterranean. Presumably, frogmen would exit the tunnel underwater and attempt to infiltrate Israeli territory undetected from the sea.

The army said that it announced the specific nature of the target on Sunday in order to “be clear what the consequences were” for rocket attacks.

IDF Spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said that the attack showed that “the IDF will not allow Hamas to strike Israeli targets, military or civilian, from the sea.”

Conricus credited both Israel’s “naval intelligence and Military Intelligence” with discovering the tunnel.

Israel had detected Hamas efforts in building up its capabilities for sea-based attacks in April of last year.

[Photo: Haaretz / YouTube]