UNICEF Chooses Israeli Platform for Campaign to Fight Infant Mortality

When the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) wanted to create an online petition and quiz to raise awareness about preventing infant mortality in developing countries, it chose a platform from the Israeli startup Kueez.

Kueez, founded in Bnei Brak two years ago, specializes in creating personalized entertaining content for web surfers in 21 languages in more than 200 countries. The website was cofounded by Uri Mendi, Orr Katznelson and Daniel Tony and now has about 100 million unique monthly visitors.

UNICEF approached Kueez to create a campaign encouraging people to join in an international call for health ministers to participate in the World Health Assembly on May 21-26. The aim is to encourage countries to increase their support for medical care for every mother and baby in at-risk parts of the world.

According to UNICEF statistics, every minute five babies die in Third World countries for reasons that could be prevented. In some countries, more than 10 percent of babies die before they are a year old due to various diseases. In recent decades, these numbers have improved, but there is still a huge gap between deaths in the West and those in developing countries.

(via Israel21c)

[Photo: Israel21c]