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Captured Gazan: Hamas Tells Woman and Children to Approach Fence to Get Them Killed

A Gazan, who infiltrated into Israel and was captured, told his interrogators that Hamas would deliberately send women and children to the front line with the sole purpose to maximize civilian casualties and deflect from the poor leadership in the coastal enclave, Ynet reported Thursday.

The man said the reason Hamas orchestrated the violent riots was in order for the population “not to ‘turn’ on them” by sending “them to the border fence where they will be hit,” he told his investigators.

He also charged that Hamas told women and little children to approach the front line of the riots because it was a safe place for them. “They tell women to go forward. They say to a woman: Go ahead, you’re a woman and the army doesn’t shoot women. They tell small children: Go ahead, the army doesn’t shoot small children.”

He added: “They tell a child to go ahead and he goes. It’s a small child. They trick him.”

Despite the reported 62 deaths, of whom at least 53 were members of terrorist organizations Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad, as a result of attempts to breach the border fence with Israel, Egypt has pressured Hamas not to escalate the violence. Yahya Sinwar, the head of Hamas in Gaza, told Al Jazeera, said that Hamas had “reached agreements with Egypt not to turn the situation into a military confrontation.” Earlier, the terrorist group, which exercises complete control over Gaza, denied that Egypt pressured them to cease the violence.

The IDF said in a statement, “A short while ago, IAF fighter jets struck Hamas terror targets in northern Gaza. 4 of the targets were buildings & terror infrastructure in a military compound, & 3 more were in a weapons production facility.” It added, “Hamas is solely responsible for the events transpiring in & out of Gaza, & is accountable for all terrorist activity emanating from Gaza targeting Israeli civilians & Israeli sovereignty.”

[Photo: IDF Spokesperson / Twitter]