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PM Netanyahu Holds Fourth Trilateral Summit with Leaders of Cyprus, Greece

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Cyprus with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and Greek Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, marking the fourth trilateral summit the three have participated in during the past two and a half years, The Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday.

Among the topics the three leaders discussed were a public security agreement between Israel and Cyprus, a film cooperation agreement between Israel and Cyprus, a three-way agreement to fight maritime pollution, a memorandum of understanding to improve communication through cooperation in laying fiber-optic cable, and an extended agreement between Israel and Greece to lower the data roaming costs.

In addition to discussing a proposed gas pipeline under the Mediterranean Sea to Cyprus, Greece and then on to Western Europe, the three discussed broader economic issues as well as regional issues, including Syria, and Iran.

In the course of the summit Netanyahu warned that Iran is seeking to build naval bases in the Mediterranean Sea, which would be “a palpable threat against all of us.”

Earlier, in response to remarks by Tsipras, Netanyahu noted that Iran still sought Israel’s destruction, “You said, Mr. President, a minute ago, that it is unimaginable that anyone would challenge the right of the State of Israel to exist. In fact, there is a force that is doing precisely that, and that is the regime in Tehran. It openly calls daily for our destruction, the elimination of Israel from the face of the earth, and it practices unmitigated aggression against us and against anyone else in the region. It has a terror network that is spread throughout the world. It is now seeking to implant very dangerous weapons in Syria to be used against Israel for the specific purpose of our destruction.”

[Photo: Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs ]