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IDF: Hundreds of Hamas-Led Rioters Attempted to Tear Down Gaza Border Fence with Israel

Hundreds of Palestinians participating in Hamas-led riots for the fifth straight week, motivated to reclaim “all of Palestine,” attempted to tear down the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip, according to the IDF, The Jerusalem Post reported Friday.

According to the IDF, “In the last hour, over 10,000 Palestinians have participated in the riots & attempts have been made to harm security infrastructure, roll burning tires, hurl rocks and fly kites with flaming objects attached to them.”

While the IDF maintained that it observed the rules of engagement “to protect Israeli civilians,” Reuters reported that three Palestinians were killed today.

The Reuters report confirmed the IDF’s assessment noting that rioters “hurled stones and rolled burning tires toward the fence, and some attached cans of burning petrol to kites and flew them into Israeli territory.”

According to longtime Palestinian affairs correspondent Khaled Abu Toameh, the organizers of the riots seek to “achieve the right of return and return to all of Palestine.” This shows that the riots are not a reaction to any recent policy issue such as the American decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, but a smokescreen for Hamas’ true intention: destruction of Israel and total rejection of Jewish presence in all of Israel.

[Photo: Associated Press / YouTube ]