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U.S. Officials: Israel Informed Administration Ahead of Syria Strike

Two United States government officials told NBC News that Israel informed the Trump administration prior to its attack against the Tiyas airbase in Syria, Haaretz reported Monday.

Prior to the report, Russia and Syria had initially blamed Israel for the attack, which reportedly killed 14 military personnel belonging either to Iran’s armed forces or its proxy forces.

While Israel has not officially acknowledged launching the attack on the base that is thought to house members of Iran’s military and its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “we have one clear and simple rule and we seek to express it constantly: if someone tries to attack you – rise up and attack him.” He added, “Security in the present is a necessary condition for security in the future and what we have here today is a powerful expression for our future security.” Though Netanyahu was in the southern Israeli city of Sderot when he made the remarks, The Times of Israel characterized his words as “apparently referring to the dual threats Israel faces in the north and in the south.”

IRGC-related media has announced the names of four “military advisers” who were killed in the strike on the Tiyas airbase, Col. Mehdi Dehghan, Seyyed Ammar Mousavi, Akbar Javar-Jannati and Mehdi Lotfi-Niasar. Dehghan was initially identified as being involved in the drone division of Iran’s air force. However, news organizations later removed any reference to his involvement in drone warfare.

In February, Israel reportedly struck the Tiyas airbase following the incursion of an Iranian drone into Israeli airspace.

[Photo: PressTV]