Hamas Intent to Set Thousands of Tires on Fire Poses Risk of “Ecological Catastrophe”

Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories warned that Hamas’s intent to set thousands of tires on fire this Friday to make it harder for Israel to detect infiltrators at the border, is liable to cause an “ecological catastrophe” in a letter to the World Health Organization, The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

In his letter to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom, Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, the head of COGAT, wrote, “This is a serious environmental issue that will harm the health of the residents and will cause unprecedented air pollution.”

“I call upon you, as the head of an international organization whose goal is to promote health and protect natural and environmental resources,” Mordechai wrote, “to do everything in your power to publicly warn against this ecological catastrophe and to protest Hamas’ irresponsible behavior.” Hamas is the terror group that maintains complete political and military control over the Gaza Strip.

Demonstrators are intending to ignite the tires that have been gathered to create a smokescreen to make it more difficult for the IDF to spot infiltrators attempting to breach the border fence with Israel. According to the IDF, last week some demonstrators lit tires and rolled them towards the fence in an attempt to damage it.

The hashtag “Day of the tire” has been trending on Palestinian social media and the various terrorist factions in Gaza have called on residents to gather 10,000 tires to burn.

Demonstrators have been warned by Hamas not to wear clothes seen on their social media sites and to keep their faces hidden to make it harder for Israeli drones to recognize them.

According to Hamas, 18 people were killed during last week’s protests. The Palestinian Authority claimed that only 16 were killed. Israel identified at least ten who were members of terrorist groups and the IDF’s spokesman said that all those killed were engaged in violence.

[Photo: Twitter ]