Gallup: Americans are “As Strongly Pro-Israel” as Anytime in Past Three Decades

Americans are “as strongly pro-Israel” as anytime in the thirty years Gallup has polling American attitudes on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the polling agency assessed in a news alert released on Wednesday.

The 64% of Americans who sympathize more with Israel matches the high previously recorded in 1991 and 2013.

In contrast, only 19% of those surveyed greater sympathy for the Palestinians and 16% favored neither side.

The increased percentage of Americans showing sympathy for Israel was driven by an increase in Republican support for the Jewish state now at an all-time high of 87%. Democratic sympathy stood at 49%, which is up from 42% in 2001 and consistent with the average since then. 59% of independents felt more sympathy for Israel, up from 51% in 2001 and roughly where their support has been since 2008.

This is consistent with the findings of a 2014 Pew poll which found that while Democratic support for Israel remained strong, Republican support has surged in recent years.

The news release also showed that nearly twice as many Americans favored more United States pressure on the Palestinians to make peace than on Israel by a margin of 50% to 27%.

In addition, 74% of Americans view Israel favorably, while 21% view Israel unfavorably. Israel’s favorable rating is the highest it’s been since 1991, when Israel was targeted by Scuds, launched by Iraq’s then-dictator Saddam Hussein. The numbers for the Palestinian Authority were nearly reversed with 71% of Americans viewing the PA unfavorably, while only 21% viewing it favorably.

[Photo: James Emery / Flickr]