Report Shows That Corbyn Belonged to Anti-Semitic Facebook Group Before Leading Labour Party

A report released by an activist who exposes anti-Semitism shows that Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn belonged to an anti-Semitic Facebook group for over a year prior to his election to lead the Labour Party in 2015, The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

The activist and researcher, David Collier, showed that anti-Semitic material was regularly posted to the group, Palestine Live, in a 280-page report that he published earlier this week.

One of the contributors to the group announced that he was reading “Mein Kampf” and proposed that “everybody should be forced to read it, especially Jews who have their own agenda as to why they were not liked.”

Group members used terms like “JewNazi,” and “ZioNazi,” and discussed conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family and Israel’s involvement in  the 9/11 and November 2015 Paris terror attacks.

One of the group members is a well-known Holocaust denier, Paul Eisen, and members have shared articles from David Duke.

The Labour Party has investigated the group and said that it would penalize any members who posted anti-Semitic material. A spokesman for Corbyn said that the party leader “condemns anti-Semitism in all its forms in the strongest possible terms,” and that anti-Semites “have no place whatsoever in the Labour movement.”

However, Jennifer Gerber, the director of Labour Friends of Israel, argued that Corbyn’s membership in Palestine Live, itself, was problematic, “That Jeremy Corbyn was a member of a Facebook group frequented by anti-Semites, Holocaust deniers and Israel-hating conspiracy theorists is both appalling and utterly unsurprising.”

Collier summarized his findings in an essay published earlier this week. In the essay Collier asked, “Imagine just for a moment, the racist obsession of this group was not Jews, but another minority group. Thousands of disgraceful, racist posts all targeting one specific community. What normal person would ignore them or pretend it wasn’t really that serious?”

[Photo: Daily Mail / YouTube]