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Netanyahu Urging Trump to Address Iran Missile Threat against Israel, Gulf Arabs, U.S. Bases

In his meeting with President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will ask the president to impose sanctions on Iran for testing missiles with ranges greater than 180 miles (300 kilometers), Axios reported Sunday.

Israel’s concern is that the United States will give into European fixes of the nuclear deal, which would only penalize Iran for developing long-range ballistic missiles that would leave Israel, Arab states including Saudi Arabia, and American bases in the range of of these advanced weapons.

The U.S. is in talks with the three European nations that are parties to the deal, Britain, France and Germany, to address the weaknesses of the 2015 nuclear deal including the failure to address Iran’s ballistic missile threat, the failure to ensure that military sites can be inspected, and the sunset clauses that would allow Iran to develop an industrial strength uranium enrichment program within a decade.

Israel will ask the U.S. to target Iran’s banking and energy with sanctions in response to violations by Iran of these limits.

Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer explained this at AIPAC ‘s annual policy conference on Sunday, “That would mean that if Iran continued to develop these missiles, that you would have crippling sanctions on Iran. Crippling sanctions mean sanctions on oil and sanctions on the financial sector. Those were the sanctions that actually created a huge problem for Iran. So if Iran is going to continue to develop its missile program we need to put those sanctions on.”

[Photo: Wall Street Journal / YouTube]