Shin Bet: Turkish Officials Turn “Blind Eye” Towards Hamas’s Economic and Military Activity

Following the arrests of an Israeli-Arab and a Turkish citizen, the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal intelligence agency accused Turkish authorities of turning a “blind eye” to the efforts of Hamas to raise money and arrange terror attacks, The Times of Israel reported Monday.

Shin Bet’s investigation found that Cemil Tekeli, a Turkish citizen and lecturer in law, and Durgham Jabarin, an Israeli resident of Umm al-Fahm, both of whom were arrested in January, were recruited by Zaher Jabarin, a Hamas financier, who lives in Turkey. Jabarin reports to Saleh Arouri, who is “deputy chairman of the organization and head of its operations in the West Bank.”

Tekeli is suspected of helping Hamas members set up businesses, obtain visas and acquire real estate and cars.

Jabarin is suspected of smuggling large amounts of money, several hundred thousand Euros, from Turkey to the West Bank for Hamas.

The activities conducted for Hamas by Tekeli and Jabarin “took place unhindered as Turkish officials turn a blind eye and — on occasion — encourage it, and with the assistance of Turkish nationals, some of whom are close to the government,” the Shin Bet said in a statement.

Tekeli told the Shin Bet that SADAT, a Turkish company with ties to government officials, helped provide Hamas with both money and arms. In one case, an employee of the company helped senior Hamas officials attend an arms show in Turkey, where they had an opportunity to learn about drones.

Zaher Jabarin, who recruited the two suspects, had been released from Israeli prison in the 2001 to free Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. The two Jabarins are not believed to be related.

Tekeli, the Shin Bet said, was deported to Turkey following the investigation into his activities and Durgham Jabarin is scheduled to stand trial “in the coming days.”

[Photo: PMLN Videos / YouTube]