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Trial Begins for Palestinian Teen who Slapped Soldiers, Called for Suicide Bombings

The trial of a Palestinian teen who was seen slapping two Israeli soldiers in a video that went viral while her mother filmed the incident and called for suicide bombings began Tuesday, The Times of Israel reported.

Ahed Tamimi, who comes from a family of anti-Israel activists, is standing trial for the incident in the video and five other incidents including rock throwing, incitement and making threats. The presiding judge in the military court ordered the court cleared of journalists and diplomats saying that an open trial would not be in the interest of the 17-year-old defendant, who is being tried as a minor.

During the incident in which Tamimi slapped the two soldiers, she gave a message to her mother to pass on to viewers of the video:

I hope that everyone will take part in the demonstrations as this is the only means to achieve the result. Our strength is in our stones. Whether it is stabbings or suicide bombings or throwing stones, everyone must do their part and we must unite in order for our message to be heard that we want to liberate Palestine.

In an expose of the Tamimi family last in Haaretz last month, Petra Marquardt-Bigman has observed that Ahed’s father, Bassem, “regularly encourages his own children to confront Israeli soldiers, and has frequently advocated the participation of children in protests and demonstrations.”

Commenting on the case in a conference call hosted by The Israel Project, Lt. Col. (res.) Maurice Hirsch described her parents as “the ones who are really abusing her and pushing her into committing the same offenses.” The Israel Project publishes The Tower.

On Tuesday, Ynet reported that a Palestinian diplomat at the United Nations boasted that Palestinians “are very clever and very expert at throwing the stones.” In a recording obtained by Ynet, the diplomat, ,  Abdallah Abushawesh, added “We are very proud to do that. We will not stop to learn our kids (to do that).”

[Photo: Jerusalem Post / YouTube]