WATCH: Video of New U2 Single Produced by Haifa Street-Art Group

When Universal Music contacted Haifa’s Broken Fingaz Crew to say that U2 wanted the renowned Israeli street-art group to create an animation lyric video for the band’s new song, “American Soul,” Broken Fingaz didn’t hesitate – even though the crew had only a week to get it done.

“We weren’t sure if it was even possible but of course we said yes,” blogged Unga of Broken Fingaz on November 20.

“We teamed up with Adme [Israeli editor-director Adam Alboher] the genius who we worked with for most of our videos, and shot it all in an intense 4 days, completely DIY.”

Since Broken Fingaz members travel all over the world doing their thing on commission, the video was shot in segments in Haifa, London and Rajasthan.

The crew found the whole experience “pretty surreal,” and was pumped to do a piece for the likes of U2. On top of that, the video features an intro by American rapper Kendrick Lamar. “American Soul” is a track on U2’s new album, “Songs of Experience,” due out December 1.

Watch for these Haifa artists to reaching ever higher heights of fame.

(via Israel21c)
[Photo: U2VEVO / YouTube]