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WATCH: Palestinian Delegation Reacts to Being Called “Enemy of the Palestinian People”

The Palestinian delegation to the United Nations Human Rights Council reacted in shock as a speaker accused them of being “the greatest enemy of the Palestinian people” on Tuesday.

The speaker, Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of a Hamas leader, used the 90 seconds allotted to UN Watch, an NGO that highlights the hypocrisy of the council, to offer a blistering critique of the Palestinian Authority’s tactic of attacking Israel in international organizations while failing to improve the lives of ordinary Palestinians.

“My name is Mosab Hassan Yousef. I grew up in Ramallah as a member of Hamas,” Yousef began. “I address my words to the Palestinian Authority, which claims to be the “sole legitimate representative” of the Palestinian people. I ask: where does your legitimacy come from?”

Yousef, who is known as the Green Prince, left his family and became an informant for the Shin Bet. Later he converted to Christianity and moved to the United States.

Yousef accused the PA of forfeiting its legitimacy by abusing the rights of Palestinians, “You kidnap Palestinian students from campus and torture them in your jails. You torture your political rivals. The suffering of the Palestinian people is the outcome of your selfish political interests. You are the greatest enemy of the Palestinian people.”

[Photo: UN Watch / YouTube]