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Partners of Hamas, PFLP Address UN Anti-Israel Event

Organizations allied with Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) participated in the “United Nations Forum to Mark Fifty Years of Occupation,” which was held at the U.N. headquarters over the last two days, The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday.

Al Haq and the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights are linked, respectively, to PFLP and Hamas, both internationally recognized terrorist organizations. The brutal murder of Israeli policewoman Hadas Malka at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem earlier this month was claimed by both terror groups.

After learning of the groups’ participation at the UN event, Israel’s ambassador to the international body, Danny Danon, on Wednesday accused the UN of “colluding with supporters of terrorism seeking to harm Israel.”

He added, “It is beyond comprehension that UN funds are supporting organizations that aid terrorists and incite against Israel. We call on the secretary- general to intervene immediately and prevent these individuals from appearing at the UN.”

Meanwhile, top Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat on Thursday rejected the criticism and denied that Hamas and the PFLP were terrorist organizations. Erekat made the comment following his participation in the controversial event at the UN.

In response, Danon blasted Erekat and the Palestinian Authority, “They have no shame. These are lies and incitement from those who are paying terrorists to kill innocent Israelis. These obsessive attempts to besmirch our good name will not change the fact that the Palestinian leadership refuses to end their support for terror.”

The office of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres distanced itself from the summit, saying that although it had received Danon’s complaint, it lacked the power to cancel the event. The summit was organized by the Committee on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, without the approval of Guterres’ office.

[Photo: Ad Meskens / WikiCommons ]