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Iran Targets Star of David in Ballistic Missile Test

Iran used a Star of David as a target for one of its ballistic missile tests last year, Israel told the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon distributed satellite photographs showing the target with a crater next to it, The Times of Israel reported.

Satellite photo distributed by Israel showing Iran using a Star of David as a target during a ballistic missile test. [Photo: United Nations]

“The missile launch is not only a direct violation of UNSCR 2231, but is also a clear evidence of Iran’s continued intention to harm the State of Israel,” Danon said.

In March of last year, Iran test fired ballistic missiles inscribed with the phrase “Israel must be wiped off the earth” in Hebrew. It wasn’t clear if the missile test described by Danon is the same one.

Under Security Council resolution 2231, which implemented the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran is “called upon not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.”

A 2013 report on Iranian threats to destroy Israel published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs noted that “the 1948 Genocide Convention lists incitement to commit genocide as a war crime.”

Danon’s revelation comes in the wake of Quds Day, which was celebrated in Iran and abroad last Friday. Robert Wistrich, the late scholar of anti-Semitism, wrote that the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, established Quds Day in 1979 to encourage nations to “rise up and dispose of this source of corruption [Israel].”

This year’s observances of Quds Day were in line with Khomenei’s intent.

“In his Qods Day statements, Lebanese Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, underscored the extension of Iran’s ‘Axis of Resistance’ in the Levant,” reported Amir Touraj, a research analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “Nasrallah – who answers directly to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei – threatened that a war between Israel and Lebanon or Syria would draw ‘thousands’ of fighters from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.

In Tehran, the regime displayed a “clock” warning that the “Zionist regime” will be destroyed in 8,411 days, a little over 23 years, Touraj reported. The threat is in line with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s prediction in 2015 that Israel will not exist in 25 years. (He made a similar prediction in 2016.)

An Iranian general threatened last year that the Shiite army that Iran is creating will destroy Israel in 23 years.

After Quds Day, Khamenei took to Twitter to call for Israel’s destruction. He tweeted on Monday that according to Islamic law, when an enemy captures Islamic lands, “Jihad-in any form possible-becomes everyone’s duty.” He added, “Today the fight against the Zionist regime is wajib (obligatory) and necessary for Muslims. Why do some evade this duty?”

[Photo: Screenshot from The Independent ]