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Saudi FM: Qatar Must Stop Funding Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said on Tuesday that if Qatar wants to restore diplomatic ties with other Arab states, it must stop funding the Muslim Brotherhood and the Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas.

“We want to see Qatar implement the promises it made a few years back with regard its support of extremist groups, regards its hostile media and interference in affairs of other countries,” Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told reporters in Paris, Reuters reported.

He added that the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas were undermining Egypt and the Palestinian Authority.

Jubeir asked Qatar to stop funding the extremist groups “so that it can contribute to stability in the Middle East.”

He indicated that the diplomatic and travel isolation imposed on Qatar earlier this week by Saudi Arabia and it allies would take its toll if Doha did not change.

“We believe that common sense and logic will convince Qatar to take the right steps,” Jubeir said. “The decisions that were made were very strong and will have a fairly large cost on Qatar and we do not believe that Qataris want to sustain those costs.”

Jubeir also warned that Qatar was taking a risk on its rapprochement with Iran, saying that countries that deal with the Islamic Republic “deal with it at their own peril.”

The Financial Times reported Tuesday that the diplomatic crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and its allies was sparked by a $1 billion ransom payment by Doha to Iran and al-Qaeda linked groups.

[Photo: News From World / YouTube ]