With Israeli Goggles, Cyclists Get Pilot’s-Eye View of Their Surroundings

Israel’s defense technology giant Elbit will soon bring its first consumer product to market: augmented reality goggles for bicyclists, based on technology used for fighter-pilot helmets.

Made by Everysight, an Elbit spinoff, the goggles provide riders with information about the terrain they’re navigating, their performance, and even give them the ability to receive calls and texts, Bloomberg News reported. They also include a map projection overlay to give riders a full view of their surroundings that, according Chief Financial Officer Joseph Gaspar, is similar to the accident-avoidance technology developed by Mobileye.

“A part of our strategy is to take technologies from the defense market and look for applications in the commercial market, part of which is consumer,” said Bezhalel Machlis, chief executive officer of Everysight.

According to Machlis, Elbit earns about 10 percent of its revenues from civilian products, which are rooted in its development of military technologies.

Machlis envisions Everysight as being the model of Elbit’s future commercial offerings. “We’re trying to adapt to the commercial market, and in 2016 became a strong player in the automotive market,” he said.

Elbit aids its spinoffs by providing them with technology and connecting them with investors. Entertainment mogul Haim Saban is an investor in Everysight through the Saban Capital Group, which he founded.

The bicycle goggles are set to hit the market by the end of the year.

In a promotional e-mail, Elbit said that it expects Everysight to be more successful than Google Glass, a similar eyewear product that hasn’t been as popular as Google hoped.

[Photo: Everysight / YouTube ]