North Korea’s Support for Palestinians, Threats Against Israel Draw Praise From Hamas

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas on Sunday expressed its appreciation for North Korea’s threat to inflict “merciless” punishment upon Israel.

“Hamas appreciates North Korea statement in which it supported the Palestinian’s struggle and rejected the continuation of occupation,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri wrote on his private Twitter account.

“Hamas refuses [sic] Israeli abuse of North Korea and confirms that Israel is the leader of evil and terrorism in the world,” Zuhri also tweeted.

A statement from North Korea on Saturday blasted Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman for criticizing the Pyongyang regime in a recent interview, calling his comments a “cynical ploy to escape the world denunciation and curse as disturber of peace in the Middle East, occupier of the Arab territories and culprit of crimes against humanity.”

The statement also defended North Korea’s drive for nuclear weapons as a “righteous right for self-defense to cope with the US provocative moves for aggression.” It threatened Israel and anyone who “dares hurt the dignity of its supreme leadership” with “merciless, thousand-fold punishment.”

The note concluded by warning Israel to “think twice about the consequences to be entailed by its smear campaign against the DPRK [North Korea] to cover up the crimes of occupying Arab territories and disturbing peace process in the Middle East.”

Liberman said last week that North Korea is part of an “insane and radical” axis with Syria and Iran that is fomenting international instability.

In a paper published in late February, Lt. Col. (ret.) Dr. Refael Ofek and Lt. Col. (res.) Dr. Dany Shoham of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies argued that Iran is exploiting North Korea’s nuclear weapons program to further its own nuclear research because it “is unwilling to lose years to the freeze on its military nuclear program” imposed by the 2015 nuclear deal.

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