Gaza News Agency Mocks “So-Called” Holocaust, Calls Tel Aviv a “Settlement”

The popular Arabic-language Twitter feed of a Hamas-linked news agency mocked Israel’s observance of Holocaust Remembrance Day on Monday, sharing a photograph of Israelis standing outside their vehicles as memorial sirens blared in Tel Aviv.

While the city was established by Zionist Jews in 1909 and was part of Israel before 1967, the Gaza-based Palestinian Information Center described it as a “settlement” when referring to the “so-called ‘Holocaust remembrance'” in a tweet.

There is no comparable tweet at the center’s English Twitter feed.

In How Holocaust Denial Shaped Mahmoud Abbas’ Worldview, which was published in the June 2016 issue of The Tower Magazine, Edy Cohen explained why many in the Palestinian territories, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, downplay or deny the Holocaust:

Perhaps most depressing, however, is the fact that Abbas’ claims are widespread among the Palestinians and the Arab states in general. As long as this persists, peace is all but impossible, because the Palestinians and the Arab world cannot make peace with the Jewish state without admitting, to some degree, the justice of its cause. To do this, it must acknowledge and sympathize with the terrible crime done to the Jewish people.


A 2009 University of Haifa poll found that over 40 percent of Israeli Arabs believe the Holocaust never happened.

[Photo: Twitter ]