Israeli Firm Signs Deals With India, Vietnam to Provide Water Out of Thin Air

The Israeli company Water Gen, which developed technology that produces clean water out of thin air, has signed deals to share its innovation with India and Vietnam.

The agreements were reached with India’s second largest solar engineering company to provide water to remote villages and with the Vietnamese government to install water generators in the capital, Hanoi, The Times of Israel reported Tuesday. They are estimated to be worth $150 million, according to Water Gen.

“The government of Vietnam greatly esteems the technological developments in Israel, and I hope that the Israeli technology that we supply to Vietnam will significantly help to improve water conditions in the country,” Water Gen President Mikhael Mirilashvili said in a statement.

“It is a very interesting marriage and we are looking forward to working with Gyanesh Chaudhary and his team at Vikram Solar to expand our footprint in India,” Mirilashvili added.

India and Vietnam both suffer from lack of access to clean water. According to the nonprofit Water Aid, 75 million people out of India’s total population of 1.25 billion don’t have proper access to clear water. Vietnam also has difficulty providing water for its population of 95 million, due to poor infrastructure and strong demand for farming.

Through its deal with Vikram Solar, Water Gen will provide its water generators to remote villages to be powered by Vikram’s solar power. In Vietnam, Water Gen will install its generators throughout Hanoi to provide tens of thousands of liters of water daily to the capital’s residents. Water Gen is planning to build a factory to manufacture equipment for the region.

A video demonstration of the Atmospheric Water Generator from the American Public Affairs Committee conference last week is embedded below.

[Photo: AP Archive / YouTube ]