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Hamas Releases Music Video Threatening to Destroy Israel

Hamas released a Hebrew-language animated music video on Tuesday night titled “Zionists, You Will Perish in Gaza,” which threatens to destroy Israel.

The video features a barrage of rockets raining down on the Jewish state, Hamas militants blowing themselves up near Israeli soldiers, and Jews being shot in the head. The Jewish characters resemble crude stereotypes common in anti-Semitic media.

The lyrics include threats such as “we will eat you, Zionists, without salt” and “ooooh…Zionist, a rocket will get you where you live.”

Screengrab: Israellycool

This is far from the first time Palestinian groups have released videos intended to threaten or scare Israelis.

In the summer of 2014, during its war with Israel, Hamas released a Hebrew-language music video claiming, “We prepare a generation of warriors who cling to death like the enemy clings to life.” The Times of Israel described the video as part of Hamas’ propaganda campaign to damage Israeli morale and rally Palestinian support behind Hamas.

A year later, Hamas produced a video showing that it was rebuilding terror tunnels and rearming after the previous year’s war.

During the Fatah party convention late last year, Palestinian Authority state television regularly played a music video that promised violence against Israel and included the lyrics, “Slice open the enemy’s chest, slice it.” A few weeks later, a Gaza-based band released a video warning Jews to leave Tel Aviv “or else your body parts will be collected and you will go to Hell to be roasted in its fire.”

Last month, Hamas released a Hebrew-language video mocking Oron Shaul, an Israeli soldier who is presumed to be killed with his body held by the terror group.

[Photo: Israellycool / YouTube ]