Palestinian Affairs

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Abbas Poses With Photo of Palestinian Terrorist Who Massacred 38 Israelis, Including 13 Kids

A picture posted Thursday on the official Facebook page of Fatah, the ruling political party of the Palestinian Authority, showed PA President Mahmoud Abbas posing with a child holding a photo of a terrorist who led the Coastal Road massacre, the deadliest terror attack in Israeli history.

The photo held by the boy was taken last month at a youth rally in Bethlehem to celebrate Fatah’s 52nd anniversary. Fatah marked the occasion by honoring Palestinian terrorists including Dalal Mughrabi, the Fatah member who led the 1978 massacre, as well as deceased leaders of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Abbas’ photo was shared by Fatah with the caption “Holiday of the martyrs.”

The Palestinian leader also posed with a similar poster in a photo uploaded to Fatah’s Facebook page on Friday.

On March 9, 1978, Mughrabi and eleven other terrorists set out to Israel from Lebanon in several small boats, reaching shore north of Tel Aviv. According to one of the surviving attackers, Mughrabi personally shot Gail Rubin, an American photojournalist whom the group encountered on the beach, before the group walked to the nearby Coastal Road and hijacked an Israeli bus that was traveling to Haifa. The terrorists proceeded to murder 38 passengers—including 13 children—and wound 71 others.

The attack turned Mughrabi into a national hero among Palestinians, with multiple schools, buildings, and streets in the West Bank bearing her name. She is routinely glorified by Palestinian leaders as a model for women and a champion of the Palestinian national movement. In one social media post on December 27th, Fatah described Mughrabi as a “Bride of Palestine.”

[Photo: Fatah / Facebook]