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With Help of Israeli Alert System, No Deaths in 7.6 Magnitude Chile Earthquake

When a powerful earthquake shook southern Chile on Sunday, the potential for loss of life and damage was great. But thanks to eVigilo’s mass alert system, there were no immediate reports of deaths in the wake of the 7.6 magnitude quake.

eVigilo — an Israeli startup delivering and developing emergency mass-notification, multi-channel solutions for governments, municipalities, and businesses — was used to notify some 4,000 Chileans living near Chiloé Island, where the earthquake struck, to evacuate.

eVigilo SMART Broadcast delivers geo-targeted cell broadcast messages within seconds to millions of people. It is the only cell broadcast system worldwide that warns millions of people in less than 20 seconds in case of earthquakes, Tsunamis, and other imminent threats.

The Netanya-based startup has been working with Chile’s emergency authority ONEMI since 2010, following a devastating earthquake that resulted in a death toll of over 560 people. In 2014, eVigilo SMART Broadcast helped keep that year’s earthquake death count to six people.

“This project allows the people to receive a message in a timely manner when they are in an affected area,” said National emergency director Ricardo Toro.

“We feel immense satisfaction to have contributed saving the lives of millions of people,” eVigilo CEO Guy Weiss said following the 2014 earthquake in Chile.

(via Israel21c)

[Photo: CNN / YouTube ]