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Palestinian Preacher: “Blow Up” Washington, “Kill Their Soldiers”

A preacher at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem called for the destruction of Moscow and Washington, D.C. in a sermon last Wednesday.

Palestinian Sheikh Abdallah Ayed claimed that “Allah has promised both places to us. Allah promised the Prophet Muhammad that Islam would rule the entire land.” He called for the realization of that scenario: “Oh Allah in these blessed days and from your al-Aksa Mosque, the center of blessings…we seek you to vanquish America and Russia. Oh Allah, blow up their capital cities and their planes, pulverize their ships and kill their soldiers.”

“Oh Allah, we ask You to subjugate them and burn them, just like they have subjugated us and burned our children with napalm,” Ayed continued. He also called for a return of the Islamic Caliphate.

“Oh America, let me tell you about the day when the call to prayer will be heard from on top of the White House and from the red palace of the Kremlin in Moscow,” Ayed said.

His sermon was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). A video recording of the sermon can be seen below:

This is not the first time that Palestinian clerics at al-Aqsa Mosque have used their platform to call for violence. In March, Sheikh Ali Abu Ahmad called Jews “the most despicable of Allah’s creatures” and urged their annihilation while speaking at al-Aqsa. Similarly, in a November 2014 address at the mosque, Abu Ahmad preached, “Oh Allah, annihilate America and its coalition. Oh Allah, enable us to cut off their heads. Oh Allah, help our brothers, the mujahideen in the land of Iraq and Syria.”

Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third-holiest location in Islam, is situated on the Temple Mount complex, Judaism’s most sacred site. It is managed by the Jordanian Islamic Waqf.

[Photo: MEMRI TV / YouTube ]