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Intel’s Israel Team Develops “Fastest Ever” Processor

Microprocessor giant Intel on Tuesday introduced its “strongest and fastest ever” core processor chip, which was developed by the company’s team in Haifa, Israel.

Ran Senderovitz, general manager of Intel’s Israel Development Centers, said that the seventh generation processor, code-named Kaby Lake, will run applications up to 12 percent faster compared to Intel’s sixth generation processors and speed up internet use by 19 percent, Globes Online reported.

In practical terms, Senderovitz said, “if you have computer at home that is four or five years old and then bought a PC with a seventh generation processor you’d see an improvement in speed of up to 70% in routine tasks.”

The most notable improvement is likely to be in the speed of video playback, according to Senderovitz. The new chip is scheduled to arrive in stores this month.

“When we started out on the project, we were only thinking about basic improvements from the previous generation,” Senderovitz said. “But we began looking at things differently with a lot of innovation and determination and we achieved major improvements. We are talking about amazing technologies, technologies of 14 nanometers, which is like taking a hair and dividing it by 8,000. The Israeli team has done it again and accomplished achievements that we did not see in the Olympics – a year-on-year improvement of above 10%. The product will sell millions of units for billions of dollars.”

The Kaby Lake processor was built on the foundation of the company’s Skylake processor, which was also produced in Israel, The Times of Israel reported. The chip will be used to power ultra-thin notebooks and two-in-one laptop-tablet hybrids, as it features smaller batteries and does not require a fan.

Intel’s main development center in Israel, which was established in 1974 as the company’s first design and development hub outside of the United States, has been credited with some of the microprocessor giant’s most advanced products. Before Skylake, the center produced both the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors, which power many computers currently in use. Intel has produced and exported over one billion processors from Israel, including the 8088, which was the first processor developed for personal computers, and the Pentium MMX, which was the most popular processor in the 20th century.

[Photo: Alon Ariel / YouTube ]