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Four Killed, Three Seriously Injured in Tel Aviv Terror Attack

Four people were killed and three more seriously injured in a shooting at a popular Tel Aviv shopping center, which authorities are calling a terror attack.

The shooting occurred at the Sarona market, which is located next to the headquarters of Israel’s defense ministry. Two assailants, one of whom was reported shot, are in custody. Police confirmed that they are 21-year-old Palestinian cousins from Hebron in the West Bank.

“We were sitting outside and a round of bullets” were fired, one eyewitness told Ynet. “Everyone started running. This is not like a normal terror attack. The shots were fired for at least a minute. There was a large panic, and we were asked to go inside the building. They held and kept us (there), and then they came to check that we were okay. We are waiting for them to open the roads so that we can leave. We have not seen such a thing in a long time.”

The Tel Aviv municipality had attempted to shut down the market in April due to concerns over whether it was adequately secure, The Times of Israel reported.

Palestinians in Hebron and Gaza reportedly set off fireworks following the attack.

According to Israel’s emergency medical service Magen David Adom, 34 people have been killed and 460 wounded in more than 285 terrorist attacks since September 13. The figures were last updated on Tuesday.

[Photo: The Israel Project ]