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Report: Members of Oxford Labour Club Mocked Jewish Victims of Paris Terror Attacks

Members of the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) mocked Jewish victims of last year’s terror attack on a Paris kosher supermarket, according to an inquiry into anti-Semitic incidents in the club, The Jewish Chronicle (JC) reported on Sunday.

Citing The Sunday Times, the JC added that students in the OULC allegedly condoned attacks on Paris synagogues in 2014. Members of the Labour club were also said to have called Jewish students “Zios,” sung about rockets over Tel Aviv, and referred to the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz as a “cash cow.”

While the inquiry into anti-Semitism at the club was completed late last month, no students have been disciplined yet over the charges. “It is absolutely appalling that the party is trying to cover this up,” one Jewish student who expressed concern over the Labour party’s inaction told the Times. “There has been a long and proud tradition of centre-left Jews in the Labour party and that is being lost for a generation.”

The inquiry was organized following last month’s resignation of Alex Chalmers, the co-president of Oxford University Labour Club, who quit after observing that members of the club and the student Left in general “have some kind of problem with Jews.” Chalmers claimed that senior members of the club expressed “solidarity with Hamas” and defended “their tactics of indiscriminately murdering civilians,” and that a former co-chair of its executive committee dismissed accusations of antisemitism as “just the Zionists crying wolf.”

Aaron Simons, an Oxford student who was president of the university’s Jewish society, told New York Times columnist Roger Cohen that “In tone and attitude the way you are talked to as a Jew in these left political circles reeks of hostility. These people have an astonishingly high bar for what constitutes anti-Semitism.”

[Photo: Tejvan Pettinger / Flickr ]