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Hezbollah Founder: Neither Russia Nor Iran Serves Interests of Lebanese Shi’ites

One of the founders of Hezbollah has strongly criticized the Iran-backed Lebanese terror organization for its participation in the Syrian civil war, saying that doing so was serving the interests of Tehran and “the Russian conqueror” rather than the Lebanese people.

Subhi al-Tufayli, Hezbollah’s first secretary-general, made his remarks to the Lebanese newspaper al-Mustaqbal Sunday. He expressed fears that Hezbollah’s involvement in the war to support Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad will cause a backlash that will lead to many deaths in both Syria and Lebanon. He also said that Hezbollah should withdraw from Syria, but, he lamented, any decision to do so would be made by Iran, which doesn’t have the best interests of Lebanon’s Shi’ite population at heart.

Muslims must defend the Syrian people by fighting the Russian conqueror as they must defend Palestine by fighting the Zionist conqueror.

Is there a new religion we have not heard about that differentiates between conquerors and permits killing Muslim children in Syria?

I wonder how some of us can give our people and our country to the great powers, believing that Putin is fighting in Syria to exterminate the opposition and that he would leave us alone afterwards.

Tufayli’s criticism of his organization comes amid widespread protests against Hezbollah in Lebanon. The protests were prompted after Saudi Arabia announced that it would stop its billion-dollar aid package to the Lebanese army. The threatened halt to aid is widely seen as a means of pressuring the central Lebanese government and military to cut its ties with Hezbollah.

[Photo: Anzar Art / YouTube ]