Abbas Meets with Families of Terrorists For Second Time This Week

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with families of terrorists on Saturday, marking the second time he has done so this week. His office posted videos of him meeting with families of terrorists from Hebron on both his Arabic- and English-language websites and his YouTube channel.

Abbas also met with families of terrorists from Jerusalem on Thursday, hours after a 19-year-old Israeli policewoman was killed in a stabbing attack in that city.

The latest meeting comes amid reports that Fatah, the party that Abbas leads and is the main component of the Palestinian Authority, has been meeting with the Gaza-based terrorist organization Hamas in a new attempt at political reconciliation. The PA torpedoed American-sponsored peace talks with Israel two years ago by announcing a unity government with Hamas. Former Israeli peace negotiator Tzipi Livni subsequently described that attempted reconciliation as the “end” of the peace talks.

[Photo: Olivier Pacteau / Flickr ]