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Israeli-Indian Missile Successfully Tested

India announced on Wednesday that it successfully conducted tests of the Barak-8 missile, which was jointly developed with Israel. The Barak-8 system is designed to protect ships from threats over 60 miles away by detecting threats using an advanced radar system developed by Israel Aerospace Industries. Once the missile is launched, the radar system feeds the missile information about the target’s projected path, allowing the missile to adapt its trajectory accordingly. The missile, which was developed by the Israeli company Rafael, also has a built-in electro-magnetic sensor that helps it acquire the target in the final phase of its deployment. The radar system is designed to track multiple targets simultaneously.

Both the Israeli and Indian navies are expected to purchase the system and deploy it during the next two years. India is poised to spend up $250 billion over the next decade to improve its defensive capabilities, and Israel is one of India’s top arms suppliers. Ties between the two countries have improved even further since the election of President Narendra Modi last year.

Video of the missile launch is embedded below.

[Photo: ABP News / YouTube ]