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Israeli Device to Quiet Snoring Attracts Support from Crowdfunding, High-Tech Sector

Silent Partner, an Israeli device to quiet snoring, has recently exceeded its crowdfunding goals and attracted interest from the country’s high-tech community, The Times of Israel reported on Thursday.

Created by Netanel Eyal and Yoni Bazak, the Silent Partner smart patch fits around the nose and employs Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology– similar to that used in noise cancelling headphones– to minimize the disturbance caused by snoring. As a built-in sensor detects the snore, the device generates a second sound wave of an opposite amplitude to cancel it out.

According to Eyal, the patch can reduce an average snore of 60 decibels to “less than 40 decibels, which most of us can easily live with.” Since decibels are a logarithmic measure, that would mean that the patch renders a snore about one quarter as loud as it sounds when made.

Eyal explained that since there are many causes of snoring, devices that try to treat the problem medically will not work for everyone. However, as Silent Partner addresses the effects of snoring, rather than its causes, it is universally effective.

Since Silent Partner is not a medical device, it also doesn’t require FDA approval. The company plans to start shipping the patch in mid-2016.

Eyal and Bazak recommended that people who snore should still seek medical attention, and point out that the sensors in Silent Partner could be used to record information on the nature of their snoring for medical evaluation.

Silent Partner has so far raised more than $180,000 through its ongoing Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, easily exceeding its goal of $40,000. It has also received some angel investments from Israel’s high-tech community, including from American-Israeli internet entrepreneur and Curriyo CEO Bob Rosenschein. Eyal and Bazak “have an extremely cool and unique way to help people sleep quieter,” Rosenschein said. “They are going to help millions of people get a good night’s sleep.”

[Photo: Silent Partner / YouTube ]