Netanyahu at UN: Iran’s Plan to Destroy Israel Will Fail

In his speech today at the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu listed a litany of incendiary statements and violent plots made by Iran and its terrorist proxy groups against the Jewish state, but promised that Iran’s “plan to destroy Israel will fail.”

He specifically noted that Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had, in the middle of negotiations over the country’s illicit nuclear program earlier this year, published a book that contained a blueprint for destroying Israel. He criticized the world for not condemning Khamenei’s statement or his long history of support for violence.

Seventy years after the murder of six million Jews, Iran’s rulers promise to destroy my country, murder my people, and the response from this body and nearly every one of the governments represented here has been absolutely nothing. Utter silence. Deafening silence.

Netanyahu then stood silent for 44 seconds.

Later in the speech, he criticized the United Nations for having adopting 20 resolutions against Israel in the last four years, but only one against Syria, where more than 250,000 people have died—”More than ten times the number of Israeli and Palestinians who have lost their lives during more than a century,” Netanyahu noted.

While Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday that his government no longer considered itself bound by the Oslo Accords and other agreements with Israel, Netanyahu asked Abbas to return to negotiations to bring about peace.

How can Israel make peace with partner who refuses to sit at negotiating table? Israel expects them to stand by their commitments. Abbas, I know it’s not easy, I know it’s hard, but we owe it to our peoples to try, because together, if we actually negotiate, and stop negotiating about the negotiations, and recognize each other, if we do it, then we can do remarkable things for our people.

[Photo: Washington Free Beacon / YouTube]