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Khamenei Video Calls America “Criminal,” Says Iran Will Defeat U.S. in War

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has released a video that threatened the United States with defeat in the case of war between the two countries, The Times of Israel reported today.

The clip — published September 13 to Khamenei’s official YouTube channel — is entitled “If Any War Happens.” It features Khamenei’s voice and is accompanied by English subtitles. …

The supreme leader then advises the Americans to “use their experiences [in the Middle East] correctly” as images play of suggested American “failures” in the background including photos of the advanced American RQ-170 drone that Iran brought down on its soil in December 2011; a photo of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah against a backdrop of a man flying the Hezbollah flag atop a missile and a mention of the Second Lebanon War in 2006; depictions of US forces being bombed in Afghanistan; and images of US forces carrying a coffin with the text “2003-2011 Iraq war” above it.

“We neither welcome nor begin any war. They must know that should any war break out, one who will emerge humiliated out of it will be invading and criminal America,” says Khamenei, according to the English subtitles.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported on the background that served as a springboard for the threats.

The video, which is 1:43 in duration and accompanied by some English subtitles, opens by showing U.S. President Barack Obama stating that the U.S. will not have a problem “knocking out [Iran’s] military with speed and dispatch if we choose to.” In response, Khamenei, in a July 18, 2015 address, calls this threat by Obama “nonsense stemming from ignorance.” Khamenei goes on to advise the Americans to “use their experiences [in the Middle East] correctly” as images play in the background…

According to MEMRI, while Khamenei speaks during the video, a crowd calls out, “We will stand until the end, Khamenei is the leader.”

A recent report from MEMRI showed that the negotiations that led to the recent nuclear deal with Iran were approved by Khamenei. Shortly after the nuclear deal was agreed upon, Khamenei tweeted an image of President Barack Obama with a gun to his head.

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