Hundreds in Florida Protest as Biden Arrives to Defend Iran Nuke Deal

Hundreds of Floridians protested the nuclear deal with Iran outside a community center where Vice President Joe Biden arrived to deliver a speech in favor of the agreement, CBS Miami reported today.

Carrying signs and waving banners, protestors set up camp near the David Posnack Jewish Community Center in Davie Thursday morning where Vice President Joe Biden met with Jewish community leaders to discuss the administration’s nuclear deal reached with Iran.

The vice president’s limo passed several hundred anti-Iran deal protestors gathered on the street across from the center. One was waving a large Israeli flag. Several waved signs which read “Stop Iran Deal”; “Nuke the Deal Before They Nuke Us”‎ and “We need a better dea‎l”

According to the Sun Sentinel, nearly 800 people had attended the protest.

A Quinnipiac University poll last month showed that Florida voters opposed the nuclear deal by a 61% to 25% margin, while a poll released last week by Secure America Now found that 82% of Americans don’t want Iran to receive sanctions relief without congressional approval.

Despite this widespread public opposition, which is reflected in the position of a bipartisan majority in Congress, there is a movement to recruit enough senators to filibuster the vote over the nuclear agreement. Ben Cohen, senior editor of The Tower, wrote yesterday that a filibuster would “mean that critical reservations about the deal, even among its supporters, will not be articulated in Congress.” Sen. Chris Coons (D – Del.), who earlier this week announced his support of deal, rejected the idea of a filibuster, saying, “I think it would be really regrettable if we didn’t ultimately go to the floor and cast our votes for or against this deal.”

[Photo: Ben Kennedy / Periscope ]