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After Bahrain Bombing, Kuwaiti MP Says Iran “Seeking to Spread Chaos” Across Region

A senior Kuwaiti parliamentarian accused Iran of being the “true enemy” of the Gulf States and “seeking to spread chaos” across the region, The Times of Israel reported yesterday.

“It has become clear to all that Iran is an enemy plotting to swallow up our states and resources and is the true enemy of the region,” Hamad al-Harashani, the head of the Kuwaiti parliament’s foreign relations committee, said in a statement.

It was the strongest Kuwaiti criticism in years of Iran, with which Kuwait has traditionally had better ties than its fellow Gulf Arab states. …

Iran is seeking to spread chaos and undermine the ruling regimes” in the region, Harashani said, calling on Gulf states to boost security coordination.

The immediate cause of Harashani’s charge was an explosion in Bahrain this past Friday that killed a policeman and injured seven people. According to Bahraini officials, the explosives used in the terror attack were similar to those seized by authorities in July, which are said to have originated in Iran.

The Times noted that earlier this month, Kuwait broke up a local terrorist cell and seized a large quantity of arms and explosives. The members of the cell were reportedly affiliated with Hezbollah, the Iran-backed Shiite terrorist group.

Kuwaiti columnist Abdallah Al-Hadlaq recently wrote that Iran, not Israel, was the real enemy of the Gulf Arab states.

[Photo: MediaoneTV Live / YouTube ]