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IDF Strikes Infiltrators Planting Bomb on Israel-Syria Border, 4 Reported Killed

The Israeli Air Force spotted and struck a group of infiltrators laying a mine on the Israel-Syria border Sunday night, The Times of Israel reported:

An Israeli airstrike targeted and killed a group of militants who were spotted placing an explosive on the northern border Sunday night, the army said, a day after an alleged Israeli airstrike on Hezbollah positions in Syria.

The IDF said three or four people were killed by an air force craft after they were spotted crossing into Israeli territory with an explosive device late Sunday.

IDF spokesman Col. Peter Lerner said the cell consisted of four people who were “identified while clearly laying a mine and were shot by an Israeli Air Force aircraft.”

The attempted infiltration comes on the heels of reported Israeli strikes against military targets in Syria.

Without taking credit for the reported strikes in Syria, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned Iran not to arm Hezbollah.

“Iran continues to try and arm Hezbollah and it is striving to arm the Lebanese terror group with advanced weapons in every way it can, and by using every avenue,” Ya’alon said in a speech at Israel’s military headquarters in Tel Aviv. “We will not allow the transfer of sophisticated weapons to terror groups, and in particular Hezbollah.”

“We know how to reach it [Hezbollah] and those who direct it, at any time and any place,” Ya’alon continued. “We will not allow Hezbollah to establish a terror infrastructure on our borders with Syria, and we know how to lay our hands on anyone who threatens Israeli citizens, along our borders or even far from them.”

Israel reportedly hit a weapons depot in Syria thought to be housing S-300 missiles meant for Hezbollah last December.

In January of this year an airstrike attributed to Israel hit a convoy carrying high-ranking Hezbollah and Iranian personnel, killing Hezbollah commander Jihad Mughniyeh and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps General Mohammad Ali Allahdadi.  A week and a half later a Hezbollah cross-border attack killed two IDF soldiers patrolling the Israel-Lebanon border.

[Photo: Israel Defense Forces / Flickr ]