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NY Daily News Editorial: Put Partisanship Aside and Listen to Netanyahu on Iran

After chiding members of Congress for planning to boycott next month’s scheduled speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before Congress, an editorial published Saturday in The New York Daily News urged politicians to “put global security and solidarity ahead of petty, partisan one-upmanship.”

In the words of the editorial:

For what is perceived in Washington as a political struggle between two strong-willed leaders is rightly seen in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as a life-and-death issue. …

If Iran is left with thousands of spinning centrifuges, as reports suggest will be the case, the mullahs could stockpile enough weapons-grade uranium to create a warhead in six months to a year. …

Should Iran go nuclear, it will be emboldened to enlarge its widening scope of influence across the Middle East. And foment Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism.

And endanger Israel, the nation that Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said must die.

The editorial quoted from Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel, who, in a recent ad, urged politicians to put aside their partisan differences and “permit Israel’s prime minister to deliver his urgent message.” The editorial echoes the argument made last week by David Hazony, editor of The Tower, that “there is nothing partisan” about the threat Iran poses to the United States and its allies.

[Photo: PBS NewsHour / YouTube ]