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Israeli Startup Helps Patients Obtain Accurate Medical Information

Doctors often warn patients and their families against searching the Internet for medical information. But that’s exactly what Israeli inventor Tal Givoly and med-tech serial entrepreneur Dr. Oren Fuerst did when serious illnesses hit their families.

While they knew the consequences of all the junk science and misleading information on the web, Givoly needed to know how to save the life of his teenage daughter who was suffering congestive heart failure, and Fuerst needed decisive information as the caregiver for his cancer-stricken mother.

Together with world-renowned urologist Steven Kaplan, who had too many patients bringing him printouts of disinformation they found online, Givoly and Fuerst created Medivizor – a company that uses patent-pending technology to sift through thousands of content articles and find the most essential information applicable and personalized for each person’s medical situation.

The company says its software, crowdsourcing techniques and medical expertise can help information-seekers access easy-to-read, relevant and customized information in one place. (via Israel21c)

[Photo: digitalhealthsummit / YouTube ]