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Adele Bitton, 4-Year-Old Killed by Rock Attack, Laid to Rest

Adele Bitton, a four-year-old girl who was injured in 2013 when the car she was riding in was attacked by rocks, was buried a day after dying from long-term complications from her injuries, The Times of Israel reported today.

Her parents spoke at her funeral, which attended by hundreds of people, near the family’s home in the community of Yakir, in the West Bank.

“When you were a baby, you didn’t like to sleep,” her mother, Adva Bitton eulogized at the funeral. “‘No sleep, Ima [Mother],’ you would wake up at night and cry ‘Abba [Father], Ima, pacifier, bottle, no sleep.’ Now I understand that you had to get things done. You managed to get a lot done in this short life.”

Bitton referred to the stone-throwing attack as “the day your body was murdered by the evil people, but your soul continued to pulsate.”

“You didn’t give up, my warrior, the terrorists didn’t manage to take away your beauty, my beauty, my heart is breaking,” she said.

Adele Bitton suffered severe brain damage after a car driven by her mother was hit by rocks, causing their car to veer into a truck. Her case was highlighted by a website called The Truth about Palestinian Rock-Throwing, dedicated to illustrating the dangers of a seemingly harmless activity. The founders of the website cited as one of their goals, “to present the facts about one of the most savage forms of Palestinian terrorism – rock-throwing against civilians, and the cars in which they are riding.”

In 1990, after major injuries were caused by teenage boys tossing rocks onto the Capitol Beltway, The Washington Post editorialized that there was little difference “between assault with a deadly weapon – a shooting – and assault with rocks that hit cars at potentially lethal speeds.”

[Photo: Jposttv / YouTube ]