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Terror Survivor Kay Wilson Shielded Pro-Israel Arab Teen During Summer Conflict

Kay Wilson, a survivor of a brutal 2010 terror attack, hid Mohammad Zoabi, an outspoken Israeli-Arab Zionist teen, in her house for one month this past summer until he could be spirited off to the United States for his own protection, The Times of Israel reported today.

At the height of the July-August Gaza war, it became evident that Zoabi had to leave his hometown. He ended up staying with Wilson over the summer while an Orthodox Jewish organization that asked not to be named arranged his passage to the US.

Wilson, who was living in Modiin at the time, said she was touched by the teenager’s courage and initially contacted him after finding out they had a mutual friend. “I helped him because I know from the machete scars on my own back that death threats should always be taken seriously,” she wrote in a Facebook post Saturday. “I helped him because, like me, he is a human being.”

Fearing he would be recognized in public during his month-long stay at Wilson’s home, Zoabi wore a kippa (Jewish skullcap), and was introduced to friends and neighbors as her nephew “Charlie” visiting from the UK. The two were undeterred by the high tensions that surrounded the Gaza conflict and the missile-defense sirens that became routine during the conflict, and managed to take trips around the country and even participated in archaeological digs in the Galilee.

Zoabi, who created a video calling for the release of Israeli teenagers Eyal Yifrach, Gil-ad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel, received death threats for his support of the Jewish state. The three teens were murdered and found dead a few weeks after they were kidnapped. Zoabi is a distant cousin of the anti-Zionist Balad MK Haneen Zoabi.

The Times of Israel report drew on Wilson’s Facebook post this past Saturday.

In The Terror Within: A Survivor’s Tale, which was published in the July 2014 issue of The Tower Magazine, Wilson recounted the harrowing moments when she thought that she would be slaughtered alongside her friend, Kristine Luken.

Held captive to depravity I knelt, gagged and bound, and waited to be beheaded. I remember the fusion of the fragrant pines and the stench of bile trapped under the rag around my mouth. I remember hearing the songs of the birds and the terrified whimper of my friend. I remember a bright light; a machete glinting in the sun. Beauty and the beast, sanctity and savagery were the unfathomable backdrop of those moments, an eternal epoch that has not allowed, like other memories, for normative absorption with the passing of time.

I had never contemplated being brutally murdered. Who does? At only forty-six years old even death had barely crossed my mind. It was half an hour of madness so debilitating that even the moments necessary for preparing myself for death were strangled by the dread of the manner of my imminent execution. I recall looking to Heaven and begging the sun not to set, and seconds later witnessing the unthinkable: A human being hacked to death before my very eyes.

Wilson was stabbed by her attackers 13 times, and survived by pretending to be dead before walking more than a kilometer to get help.

[Photo: Voice of Israel / YouTube ]